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By Ricky Wilson, 10/31/18, 12:00PM CDT


Nigel James Jr. Is one of the more notable basketball players in his respective 2024 class. He attends Oldfield Middle School I’m Huntington, NY where his academics are first and basketball comes second. Nigel “NJ” James jr. Is one of the most self driven kids I’ve encountered at such a young age. It’s been a privilege to follow him throughout his young career to learn that he’s deeper than the eye can see.


I’ve heard stories of the loving, kind friend NJ has been to students at his school and how he use his light to shine on others. While there are a few instances where he has showed his big heart, this one caught the ear and eye of his school psychologist Lauren Gallagher. Lauren heard about how close NJ had been with. She heard about how NJ included him in activities both in and out of class, making him a part of all social activities. Lauren decided to make Nigel the character in her book name Jax. 


Jax is a kid who shows says how to be  great teammate. Which is why she chose NJ to be the character portrayed in the book. Nigel is a great teammate and friend. When asked how it felt to be apart of something so big he replied, “ being apart of the book is very exciting and it motivate me to do even more, strive for greatness and be kind in every moment”.  What Nigel has done is something that I feel all athletes owe to there peers. Usually the best ball players are the most popular kids and for him to use that positively is what life is all about. Keep inspiring and uplifting your peers and being a great teammate!  


The Hard Hat for Kids was written by Jon Gordon and Lauren Gallagher, PhD.  It is on sale now at and  All proceeds for the book go to