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Kiyen Alexander " I'm back and better"

By Ricky Wilson, 01/22/18, 1:30PM CST


Most people talk adversity and how to rise up, but they haven't lived it.  9 year old Kiyen Alexander is a living proof of fighting through adversity to persevere. Kiyan was diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea as a baby. Some years later after numerous doctors appointments at Johns Hopkins and a failed adenotonsillectomy surgery, we were finally referred to Doctor Anand Kumar. He discovered that Kiyen had Pierre Robin sequence, which was a contributing factor to his sever sleep apnea diagnosis. Dr. Kumar performed a mandibular advancement on November 15, 2016, which was successful.

Pretty much they broke his jaw, placed a cranking device in it, and extended it to allow him to breath....his lack of being able to breath caused too much stress on the heart.  This procedure left Kiyan out of school as well as sports for 6 months.  By missing so much school he was put back with the 2027 class.  Through it all he stayed in the gym with Coach Derrick (Train2Win) to keep his skills sharp and get back to where he belonged, on top. 

Kiyan recently moved to Delaware so he will spend some time playing with Team Delaware but he will mainly play with Train2Win.  He has also showed some promise as a young golfer, but for now the love of basketball has his heart.