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By Ricky Wilson, 08/02/17, 12:30PM CDT


Jerry Easter II is one of the more notable players in the 2024 class.  He's been on the radar for a while as one of the top players in the class.  Some sites have him as high as the #1 player in the country.  Since day one he's always played against the top competition in the country and held his own.  What make him so valuable is his ability to do so much on the court.  He can guard multiple positions, lead the team in scoring, rebounding and assist on any given day.  Jerry ran with North Coast Blue Chips, helping lead them to be a top 4 team in the  country. 

  Jerry has a style and flare to his game that  set him apart from most kids his age.  He's known to bring out And1 like moves in the middle of a AAU game, and complete the play.  This is where I assume the name "kid dynomite" came from.  Jerry also has a lot of room to improve his status with his huge upside.  Jerry is just going to the sixth grade this upcoming school year, and we will be checking in on his development quite often throughout the year.  Until then check out some of the highlights of Jerry's spring and summer below