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2022 Jermiah Johnson: WE WILL CONTINUE TO WORK

By Ricky Wilson, 07/25/17, 3:00PM CDT


Jeremiah Johnson is a combo guard in the 2022 class.  He hails from Oklahoma, where he play for Team Griffin who is a Nike sponsored program.  Jeremiah has been gaining some national attention the past few years with his ability to score the ball.  Mainly being his ability to shoot so well.  He's grown some physically and mentally and it shows in the maturity of his game.  Jeremiah has all the tools and genes to catch a lot of kids who are above him now, but he understands the process and takes it all in stride.  

There are a lot of things that has changed with Jeremiah since I first met him and his father a few years back.  I, for one was with Coast2coastpreps, they were with a local traveling team, and he was just a really good shooter in my opinion.  Now, Jeremiah has added more to his game, he's grown a few inches, and he's running with a Nike sponsored team, and he has been to some of the top camps and tournaments in the country.  Though some things have changed, somethings still remain the same.  He and his father are two of the most humble people I've met in the game, and they both have continued to put the work in day in and day out only worried about the bigger goal.  They don't want it now, they want it later.  The accolades are cool, but after every conversation I've had with Coach Johnson, "his father" it always ends with, "we will just continue to work". 

Jeremiah’s ability to be a knock down shooter and a scorer didn’t happen by chance.  He has a workout schedule that resembles a pro basketball player.  He work daily on his shooting and ball handling.  The only time he isn’t working is when he’s playing in AAU games on the weekends.  He has a trainer and also adds in running hills and play pick up with the older kids to stay in shape.  Jeremiah is a kid that is in the mix right now.  He has buzz about himself and is gaining a following from his hard work day by day.  The older he get, the more the game will slow down.  That’s when skill and the ability to understand the game has an effect on who is good or who is better.  That’s when I think his stock will rise even more than it already is.  But until then we know he will just continue to work.

Watch some of his highlights from this year below: