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By Ricky Wilson, 07/24/17, 11:30AM CDT


Just like any other movement, you need something or someone to grab the people’s attention to gain popularity.  Dacityofguards has that with Karriem " Reem" Thomas Jr., Jermel " Magic Mel" Thomas, and Kemari "Keysmooth" Pointer, who are the founders of the movement.  Not only do they have the players with game to back it up, they have the kings of the new wave Jellyfam a phone call away for guidance and motivation.  This movement is real and taking off at a rapid pace with kids wanting to join daily.

The movement started about three months ago.  Karriem Thomas Sr. said, "my kids are already Jellyfam, we just wanted to start something for the younger kids."  It has blossomed quickly into some of the top players in each class starting from the first grade joining the movement.  To become a member of this flourishing movement all you need to do is get the ok and change your Instagram name to DACITYOFGUARDS.  

The Thomas brothers have over 12,000 followers on their Instagram page.  Their father would like to credit a lot of those followers to the countless hours they train throughout the week.  "A lot of kids see the work they put in, that's why I think a lot of people follow them."  Monday thru Fridays are for training, Saturday and Sunday are game times for the brothers.  The training shows their determination, but the walk home show that both the Thomas brothers have a personality that is bigger than basketball.  They can mimic their father to perfection and they go at one another in the most fun, loving way.

The movement seems to be one that will stick around.  This definitely will not be the last time we catch up with DACITYOF GUARDS and some of its founders and movers of the movement.  Next up Kemari Pointer………