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By Ricky Wilson, 07/20/17, 1:45PM CDT


Drake Iverson Williams is better known as "Bull" all across the country.  Bull is an eight year old beast of a basketball player that got his name from his size and his style of play.  His dad uses the phrase "bully ball" because his son can muscle his way past defenders to get to the bucket.  The thing about bull is that behind all that muscle and toughness is a lot of quickness.  If he can't beat you with his quickness and toughness, then his cocky attitude will overwhelm you.

Bull has mastered the art of showmanship at a young age.  His personality and ability to flex his muscle literally, gets the crowd going and turn him up into a monster.  "We work on his attitude and his cockiness to make him turn up on his opponent, it is a part of the plan," said Bulls father.  They put in work every day.  The confidence behind his game is a testament to the work that has been put in prior to him playing.  His father isn't shy about what the future holds for his son either, "Bull will be a lottery pick", per his father.  He just believes in speaking things into existence. 

Bull had a really big weekend at Global Grassroots Finals scoring in double figures in all but one game.  He saved his best game for last when he dominated the championship with his play and his cocky attitude.  At one point in the game he went to his dad and grabbed some skittles before he went back to work.  Bull had the city of Huntsville, AL in awe.  People couldn’t believe that a eight year old kid had that much game and swag.

The father and son combo both have their eyes set on the prize of being a lottery pick in the NBA.  While the dad is speaking it into existence and making sure the work is done, his son is putting in the work to make these dreams come into fruition.  In the mean time Drake Iverson Williams will be filling grassroots games from the east coast to the west coast until his name is called in the lottery of the NBA Draft.